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Welcome to CoronaTech Israel, a web portal that explores coronavirus-related innovation in Israel and abroad.


The goal of CoronaTech Israel is to provide accurate information about local and worldwide coronavirus-related opportunities and challenges. In addition, the web portal allows healthcare providers, organizations, and corporations to post open calls for innovation for the benefit of the ecosystem, and to look through our up-to-date dashboard to find potential technologies and solutions that can help in the global fight against COVID-19.


For the Israeli high-tech ecosystem, CoronaTech Israel serves as a discovery platform for local and global initiatives and funding opportunities related to this crisis.


For healthcare providers, governments, and other organizations, CoronaTech Israel acts as a central gateway to discover leading Israeli innovation and best practices.


CoronaTech Israel is updated daily to bring forth new information about Israeli innovation in its fight against coronavirus.


Let’s innovate together to help bring this pandemic to an end.


CoronaTech Israel is brought to you by Start-Up Nation Central and HealthIL, and powered by Wix.

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