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How AI and Machine Learning are Helping to Tackle COVID-19

As the world grapples with COVID-19, every ounce of technological innovation and ingenuity harnessed to fight this pandemic brings us one step closer to overcoming it. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are playing a key role in better understanding and addressing the COVID-19 crisis. Machine learning technology enables computers to mimic human intelligence and ingest large volumes of data to quickly identify patterns and insights.


GSK to Produce 1 Billion Doses of COVID-19 Booster in 2021

GlaxoSmithKline Plc will expand production of vaccine efficacy boosters, or adjuvants, to produce 1 billion doses in 2021 for use in shots for Covid-19, the British drugmaker said on Thursday.


Nigeria VS Coronavirus: Fintech can Prosper by Surviving COVID-19

Nigeria’s biggest technology and telecoms players will benefit in the long term from the COVID-19 pandemic. The challenge is to protect small start-ups that represent the future of innovation. This third article of our series on the the impact of COVID-19 on Nigeria, looks at telecoms and technology.


Jobless South Korean University Graduates Are Increasingly Interested in Blockchain

Daejeon University is the latest in a series of South Korean universities redesigning portions of its finance and technology departments. The university made an official announcement on May 25 that it would open a new fintech department called “Future Convergence.”


Financial Distancing: How Venture Capital Follows the Economy Down and Curtails Innovation

Although late-stage venture capital (VC) activity did not change dramatically in the first two months after the COVID-19 pandemic reached the U.S., early-stage VC activity declined by 38%. The particular sensitivity of early-stage VC investment to market conditions—which we show to be common across recessions spanning four decades from 1976 to 2017—raises questions about the pro-cyclicality of VC and its implications for innovation, especially in light of the common narrative that VC is relatively insulated from public markets. We find that the implications for innovation are not benign.


From Alibaba to Zoom, China-US Tech War Spreads to Video Calls

With more people around the world working and socializing from home due to the coronavirus pandemic, the rivalry between Chinese and U.S. technology companies has expanded into the area of teleconferencing.


FDA ‘Fast Tracks’ First Coronavirus Vaccine From Moderna

On Tuesday, biopharmaceutical company Moderna announced that the Food and Drug Administration is fast tracking its experimental preventative COVID-19 vaccine through the regulatory process.


Researches use Biometrics, Including Data from the Oura Ring, to Predict COVID-19 Symptoms in Advance

A team of researchers from the West Virginia University (WVU) Rockefeller Neuroscience Institute (RNI), along with WVU's Medicine department and staff from Oura Health have developed a platform they say can be used to anticipate the onset of COVID-19 symptoms in otherwise healthy people up to three days in advance. This can help with screening of pre-symptomatic individuals, the researchers suggest, enabling earlier testing and potentially reducing the exposure risk among front-line healthcare and essential workers.


10 Technology Trends to Watch in the COVID-19 Pandemic

The coronavirus demonstrates the importance of and the challenges associated with tech like digital payments, telehealth and robotics.


The Economic Impact of Coronavirus on Pharmacogenomics

The research study presented in this report offers complete and intelligent analysis of the competition, segmentation, dynamics, and geographical advancement of the Global Pharmacogenomics Technology/Theranostics/Companion Diagnostics (CDx) Market.


Israeli Researchers Develop "Self-Disinfecting" Mask Amid Coronavirus

Researchers at the Technion University in Haifa have developed a "self-disinfecting" face mask for people to wear amid the coronavirus pandemic, the academic institution announced Monday.


Apple AR brings Medical Tricorder Closer to Reality

Butterfly Network's AR-assisted ultrasound can let doctors guide your own home scans


Startup Snapshot: Startup Founders Share Key Data

On a mission to increase transparency, Startup Snapshot is providing a window into the life of a startup as experienced by the entrepreneurs themselves.


"It's 99% Autonomous" - Delivery Robots Slated To Launch In Texas To Limit Virus Spread

In a post-corona world, one Texas town could see robot delivery vehicles on city streets, ushering fast-food, supplies, and groceries back and forth from supermarkets and shops to residential housing complexes and or homes.


Dishcraft Robotics is using robots to save reopening restaurants from creating more waste

Dishcraft Robotics has a simple pitch to corporate kitchens and restaurants that could potentially save tons of single use plastic, noncompostable takeout containers, dishware and cutlery from ending up in landfills.


Zipline begins US Medical Delivery with UAV Program Honed in Africa

Novant Health and California based UAV delivery startup Zipline have launched distribution of personal protective gear and medical equipment in North Carolina.


How Lockdown is Changing Shopping for Good

Big online stores are based around vast automated warehouses. Smaller and cheaper versions of this tech will be key if smaller stores are to survive through a series of lockdowns.


Australia's Handling of COVID-19 Crisis Opens Doors for Israeli Businesses

Australia's rapid success in containing the coronavirus pandemic could lead to new opportunities for Israeli businesses, the Israeli financial daily Calcalist reported.


Moderna Coronavirus Vaccine shows Promising Results in Early Stage

In an early stage clinical trial, Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine produced antibodies that will help ‘neutralize’ coronavirus in patients. Moderna CEO Stéphane Bances joins Yahoo Finance's On the Move to discuss.


US Army To Develop Wearable COVID-19 Detectors

With more than 5,000 service members infected with COVID-19, the Army has issued a contract notice on The System for Award Management (SAM) website, seeking “to develop a wearable diagnostic capability for the pre‐/very early‐symptomatic detection of COVID‐19 infection.”


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